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"It was a beautiful course and challenging for the golfers participating in this prestigious 2017 Solheim Cup. As a first timer, the cup was everything that I thought it would be. Lots of support for the attendees; food, drink, facilities, and entertainment (including the opening & closing ceremonies)."

"Our experience has been great. Volunteers have been so friendly and helpful. The course is beautiful and a great venue for the tournament. Thanks for sharing it with us and creating a great 2017 Solheim. This is my 5th Solheim and one of the best."

"I loved everything about the entire event. I had the best time of my life. The people were wonderful. Had a chance to speak to the players and they were so wonderful. I'm so happy to have been a part of this wonderful experience. Congratulations."

"We attended the 2017 Solheim Cup tourney - it was our 5th one and this one by far was the smoothest. Parking, bussing, trash, course, everything was great!!!"

"This was one of the most amazing golf tournaments I have attended. The course was manicured to perfection. Smooth easy transition between holes."

"It is a beautiful place to hold an event such as the Solheim Cup. Everyone was gr8. This was my first Solheim Cup and I loved every minute of it. Was there from the opening to the closing ceremonies."

"Proud of the absolutely amazing Solheim Cup and the outstanding service, focus on family and our Military."


"In my 67 years, I would say this is the finest tournament ever for women," Spork said Sunday at the Solheim Cup at hte Des Moines Golf and Country Club. "This is tops, nobody can top this." - Shirley Spork, LPGA Founding Member.

"Our trip to Des Moines and the staging of this year's Solheim Cup were really speical...the best ever. It had the best infrastructure, the most fans, but the thing that made it so special for me...were the people of Des Moines and Iowa. Having lived in the USA and played on the LPGA Tour, I have never been made to feel as welcome anywhere else in America." - Mickey Walker, Europe's captain for the first four Solheim Cups (1990-96).

"...Throw in the large, appreciative galleries and the incredible way the community embraced the event, making everyone feel welcome, and it was all reminiscent of the movie "Field of Dreams" when Kevin Costner is asked if this is heaven and he replied, "No, it's Iowa."..."The bar was set incredibly high by Des Moines for the Gleneagles Resort in Scotland to clear when the 16th Solheim Cup is played there in 2019." - Ron Sirak, Golf Digest Senior Writer

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