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Facilities Master Plan Overview
In 2020, the current Clubhouse will be 50 years old. A lot has changed about clubs in 50 years (and not just architecture).
  • Clubs are much more casual
  • They offer more outdoor dining and social space
  • Members want opportunities beyond golf
  • It is more about experience than amenities
  • Fitness is a valued component

What follows are concepts. Specifics around design, cost, final locations and timing will be the work of future committees and Boards.

An important part of the planning process is not only for member facing facilities, but also using this process to consider enhancements to facilities critical to maintaining the club.

The current maintenance facility is 32,000 square feet and is situated on the far end of the South Course.  A new facility would be positioned to the west of the West Range.  Key enhancements from this project include (1) better access to both courses (2) enhanced efficiency and capabilities and (3) the opportunity to continue to move forward on efforts around sustainability and leading practices for course health and maintenance.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

A year-round indoor tennis and fitness facility that would include up to 5 indoor courts, 6 TO 8 outdoor courts, and dedicated pickle ball courts. Conceptually, this is a two to three story building with fitness facilities attached and offerings including yoga and other wellness type classes, cardio weights and well-appointed locker rooms.

Changes to parking provide easier access to both the pool and tennis facilities as well as easier drop off for younger tennis and swimming members. It also permits members and guests parking for golf the opportunity to be closer to the clubhouse and pro shop.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

This concept is based on asking the age-old question why is the best view at the Club reserved for the Pro Shop?  This project proposes moving the shop to a new location (general vicinity on the drawing).  This would achieve three objectives.  (1) Provides the opportunity to repurpose the current shop as a year-round 360-degree casual bar with views over the golf course.  (2) This creates additional needed space in the Clubhouse to improve the current casual dining kitchen. (3) Provides a more welcoming and easily identifiable location for members and guests alike to check-in and begin their golf experience.

Cart staging would move with the pro shop.  Staging currently sits on some prime real estate that could be replace with a new central social space.  The green pictured is roughly two times the size of the current green that sits south of the Iowa Grille.  It would provide a significantly improved aesthetic experience with spending time at the new social space just above it.

One thing that received immediate attention from all the facility planners interviewed was the fact that the amazing half mile drive to the clubhouse ends with a brick wall and an entry that feels small, closed, tight and fortress like.  This is also the feel of guests arriving at the club for events.

The club generates roughly $1.4 million in banquet revenue for weddings and other significant events.  However, we miss out on some larger opportunities due to limitations on our available space.  The proposed solution is to increase main banquet space from the current capacity of 235 to 410 by expanding the ballroom to the East and to the North.  It includes outdoor space overlooking the pool with access to the pool level; creating new space for members and events. 

The intent is to create a more open and bright entry and may include creation of new dining areas. By increasing the ballroom many possibilities open on the main floor.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

New banquet space on the main level creates additional space on the mid-level. This allows for the creation of a primary hall to the locker rooms that features pictures and items of historical importance like other high-end clubs. This design reimagines the lower hallway coming in from the pool creating a more prestigious entry to the men’s and ladies locker rooms at a central point. Each locker room with an attendant stand positioned inside a large entry way. The current hallway is dark and often used for storage, hardly the presentation we want to share with guests.

Repositioning locker rooms allows the Iowa Grille kitchen to be expanded to provide the horsepower required to meet the intended growth in casual dining and social space on this level.

The casual bar could be returned to casual dining and this plan includes the addition of covered dining space to the south of the new casual bar tied to the roof line of the existing rooftop. This creates significantly more outdoor dining and social space protect from the elements and shaded from the sun.

To the north of the new casual bar envision a tiered firepit and seating design providing the opportunity to enjoy the sunset over our beautiful golf courses with easier bar service from the new casual bar.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The offices bag storage and other storage currently on the lower lever would move to the new pro shop.  This would allow the lower level to become the cart storage, maintenance and washing facility.

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